Looking To Move Your Data To The Filecoin Web3 Decentralized Storage?

How Can You Store Your Data On The Decentralized Network?

  1. Talk to us to determine and negotiate the desired storage parameters
  2. Make your files available, for example, via Amazon S3
  3. We will convert your data into Content Addressed Archive .car files
  4. your chosen storage providers receive your .car files
  5. Every 24 hours, your stored data is checked for integrity using proof of space validation

Why Filecoin?

  • There are +4000 storage providers across the globe
  • Current network storage capacity exceeds 18 EiB, meaning you can scale
  • Storage providers are incentivized to earn rewards for maintaining uptime and are penalized for downtime. Meaning you can achieve industry-leading uptimes
  • Data is secure
  • No Lock-ins

The Future

The Web3 approach is a radical change to the current centralized Web2 model. The community is building many services on top of data, such as computing networks and smart contracts to improve data access, security and privacy. Web3 brings exciting times to the market as new use cases constantly emerge, leading to further innovation and new business opportunities. 

Next Steps


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